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- Attitudinal Healing - Nishan Rehab May 2022
  • The first time I heard about A Course in Miracles was after reading a little paperback book called Love is Letting Go of Fear written by Gerald (Jerry) Jampolsky MD, a child and adult psychiatrist. It was such a simple book yet it deeply resonated with me and soon I felt inspired to go purchase the 3 volume hardcover edition of A Course in Miracles.
  • Some months ago, I felt inspired to listen to an interview with Dr. Jerry Jampolsky and his wife, Dr. Diane Cirincione, a therapist and psychologist. I was feeling ready to release my current job yet I still needed clarity regarding what my next steps were in terms of where I wanted to devote my time and energy. I listened to Diane speak about Jerry’s book, Love is Letting Go of Fear and how it has sold millions of copies worldwide. In 1975 Jerry established the first Center for Attitudinal Healing in California and Diane joined Jerry in 1981. Over the last 30 plus years they have worked cross-culturally in 54 countries together and are the recipients of numerous international, humanitarian awards. In 2005 Dr. Jampolsky also received the AMA Pride in the Profession Award. There are now over 100 independent centers and groups located in thirty-three countries on five continents that offer free attitudinal healing services to children and adults facing challenging situations including sickness, life-threatening illness and other relationship and caregiver issues.


“At the heart of Attitudinal Healing is the belief in the extraordinary ability of ordinary people to be of help to one another, and the idea that we have the power to choose our attitude in any given moment, regardless of circumstances. It is the realization that, ultimately, it is neither circumstances nor people in the past that are causing us to be upset in the moment. Rather, it is our own thoughts, attitudes, and judgments about those things that cause us the distress. Attitudinal Healing is about healing our own minds and hearts to have harmony and integrity in all that we think, say, and do – active ingredients for resolving conflict and bringing about peace of mind. Health is defined as inner peace and Healing is the letting go of fear.”  

And in Jerry’s words from Love Is Letting Go of Fear (2005 edition),

“Attitudinal Healing is not a religion, nor is it religious.  People from many cultures, faiths, and denominations, as well as those who follow no faith at all are welcome to participate.” 5

Listening to Jerry and Diane that day crystallized my vision for Coaching for Inner Peace. And a month later I decided to participate in an online training in Attitudinal Healing and soon afterwards I had a conversation Ms. Trish Ellis, International Communications Coordinator & Trainer for Attitudinal Healing International. As we spoke, I realized that I too wanted to be a part of the Attitudinal Healing family. And Trish made it possible for this to be a reality today.

I am deeply humbled, extremely grateful and so happy that Coaching for Inner Peace is officially an independent satellite center of Attitudinal Healing International (AHI). In a way I feel Life has come full circle for me, taking me back again to that day when I first picked up Jerry’s little book.

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