Father of Attitudinal Healing

Gerald G. Jampolsky, M.D.: Founder, Attitudinal Healing

  • Jerry is the inspiration behind Attitudinal Healing. He has devoted his life to service, helping individuals and groups transform their attitudes in order to achieve inner peace and well-being. Jerry graduated from the University of Stanford – School of Medicine and is internationally recognized in the fields of psychiatry, health, business and education.
  • In 1975 Jerry established the first Center for Attitudinal Healing in Marin County, California so that people of all ages, faiths and cultures who are facing illness, catastrophic events, loss and life challenges could have free support services. Since then, a global network of Centers in dozens countries have emerged, offering individuals, families, organizations, and communities tools for transformation in times of great challenge.
  • In 1982 Jerry founded the international project Children as Teachers of Peace, a program that offered children an opportunity to express their feelings, ideas, fears and hopes for a better world. In 1987 Jerry co-founded the AIDS Hotline for Kids. He has also been honored with several international awards including the AMA Excellence in Medicine – Pride in the Profession Award profession award for the invaluable contribution of Attitudinal Healing to the field of emotional and mental health.
  • Jerry is the best-selling author of numerous books including the classics Love is Letting Go Of Fear, Teach Only Love, and Goodbye To Guilt.
  • For a brief bio and lecture, seminar and workshop information for Dr. Jerry Jampolsky Click here.

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