• It’s significant to understand why Rehab is important for drug abusers?
    A Drug abuser faces multiple problems in his life due to addiction but the most important of them is Denial.
    Rehab provides you positive environment in which abuser learn how to control his addiction and also some skills which helps addict coping with chances of relapse and maintain his sobriety.
  • Nishan Rehab is a renowned and leading addiction/ alcoholism, attitudinal healing facility at Banigala valley in Islamabad. Nishan Rehab gives a hope for a better life, free from addiction. Nishan Rehab is providing you effective and evidence-based treatment for Alcoholism/Addiction and Attitudinal Healing. Nishan Rehab follows a 12 step Recovery Program that enables its client learn how to reach Sobriety.
  • Addiction is a chronic and progressive disease and family plays a very important role in its treatment. Nishan Rehab not only works with addicts but also incorporates family therapeutic sessions. Nishan Rehab arranges different indoor activities that help drug dependents to manage their addiction and prevent the chances of relapse like Lectures, Group Therapy, Individual Therapy, CBT, Schema Therapy and Meditation Programs. Nishan Rehab provides you a complete knowledge about the nature of the disease and also make drug abusers learn relapse prevention strategies. Nishan Rehab not only works with physical, social and psychological aspects but also spiritual Healing of its clients.
  • Nishan Rehab is highly facilitated, it provides you with all the facilities that needed. The Team Nishan Rehab is very cooperative and easy to approach.
  • We understand how important is for you to get your loved one sober. We really appreciate if you set appointment with on of Nishan’s therapists and explore options how we together can get your loved one out from tentacles of drug addiction. For appointment, CLICK HERE.

Nishan Foundation focuses on providing the most effective, evidence-based treatment, exceeding expectations by paying close attention to four key therapeutic principles

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